Your Lion for
Heavy Duty

What we do

The Heavy Duty Lithium Ion Battery Solution.

Liiontec is committed to developing unique and innovative solutions for its customers.

Quality first

We rigorously test our cells to ensure reliability and the utmost quality for our customers.

Innovative Design

In developing our products, we have rethought the entire concept of lithium ion batteries.

Fully modular

Total flexibility for all your needs. All Liiontech solutions are expandable at any time.

What we value

Innovation as a strengh.

Our approach

Quality first.

  • It is elementary to recognize and take advantage of opportunities!
  • A customer relationship is a matter of confidence.

This confidence is based on our company's standing policy of quality. One of our main priorities is to identify the needs and expectations of customers in order to meet them promptly, effectively and in an environmentally friendly manner.  

your Advantage

Fully Modular

For total flexibility in building your heavy duty machines, all battery packs from Liiontech are completely modular and can be expanded or reduced at any time.

Your convenience

Fast charging.

Ultra-fast charging is now possible anywhere.

Our strengh

Constant innovation.

Stimulated by customer demanding requirements and competition, we constantly aim to expand our product range, optimize products and thereby achieve an improvement in our performance and quality.

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And take your heavy duty machinery to the next level!

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